Fidra Hat


The Fidra Hat is done. The pattern is by Gudrun Johnston. I cast on 73 stitches to accommodate the invisible join method for joining the round. Since the first stitch is a slip knot I finished the final cast on of stitches 72 & and adding stitch 73 with the German Twisted cast on.

Pattern is super fun to knit. Love the design. My choice of yarn using the Plymouth chunky merino superwash made it more slouchy, this yarn is squishy. I think the suggested yarn of Brooklyn Tweed is a more sturdy/firm yarn and I would like to make this hat again with a yarn similar in texture. I’m pretty sure Barrett Wool bulky would be a great option. 

This is a gift hat and I opted for a yarn that was more easy to care for and had a softer feel as I am not familiar with the preferences of this recipient. That said if using this Plymouth yarn one skein is ample, including making a pompom, to complete the project.

PS: I never swatch for hats. They are easy/quick projects and I can always gift to another person later.

Notes: I am making another in this yarn I will make a 7 round garter rib (half the pattern amount) to shorten the length for a more fitted look.


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