Making Room for New Growth


Currently Enjoying: this solo bloom on my salvaged orchid. You may not know this but I am a collector of sad and forlorn plants. Most of my plants both houseplants and garden plants are frequently found on the discount shelf. Categorized as being in need of “tender loving care” they are often ignored by many left to wither away and be forgotten. But, really, aren’t we all in need of some TLC at various points in our lives?Especially after we have had a big blooming moment, when all that energy for the beauty on display has to wither back a bit, to recover and rest. I find endless hope in those TLC plants. I can see they are so beautiful even in their worst looking moments. What beauty they hold! I also know that with a little help from a patient caring person they will once again beautifully bloom. Finding that sanctuary is how we can encourage the beauty within to bloom again. Time and patience can do wonders. Rest and peace can open up our hearts and minds to put down more roots for new growth. As spring approaches these thoughts weigh heavily in my heart. Sending you all some love for your own peaceful sanctuary to lay down new roots for the needed growth ahead.


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