23 Years


Today marks another year in the books for us. All those 23 years ago on our wedding weekend there was a wildfire burning in Northern Colorado. (Not to mention our cancelled flights and a desperate need to take up the offer to spend the night with family in Dallas) The skies were an eerie yellow hazy color. Not yet ideal to say the least. We worried about how our plans for pictures and just about the whole ceremony would be affected. Temperatures dropped and our Rehearsal dinner was a night of laughter because suddenly everyone needed coats! We woke on our Wedding day to cold, heavy rain all morning long. The rain put out the fire which washed the skies clean. It turned into a picture perfect, beautiful sunny Colorado day. The Wedding Mass was beautiful. Jubilant and ready to celebrate we had to delay our arrival to the reception due to a broken down limousine. While there we enjoyed ourselves with family and friends forgetting about the crazy obstacles we encountered. Some may even say our Wedding day and weekend was far from “perfect” but it wasn’t at all. It was absolutely the most perfect lesson we could have asked for on the very day we stood together and made that covenant. The lesson of overcoming obstacles and still standing right there together and having the courage to take it on and even smile (or laugh) about it all. That is marriage. This is our marriage and we’re in it together for life.


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