Summer and other thoughts


Oh hi! It’s June you say? How is that possible? All I can say is that I made it through another May still standing-ish. The little kids have school for another week with more end of year activities yet to go. Have I mentioned we (or shall I say, me?) made it through manic May. That May gauntlet is so truly hard on moms and even more brutal for single parents. (I can’t even begin to understand how my single mother was able make it without wanting to escape) All this to say hey you parents out there good job making it through the school year’s worst month. This week I have been playing catch up with all the things. For one I found that we still have a kitchen island under all the piles of paperwork etc that became a mountain of insanity. Second I have a bit more time to read those library books I checked out over a month ago. I kept 2 of the 6 books I wanted to read. One is called Emily Dickinson’s Gardening Life. It is deeply fascinating. The other is book 2 of a series. I have been debating about reading the first one but have since decided that isn’t going to happen and will just read this one solo. I’m a little crazy that way. Between all the activities I have been working on knitting sporadically. I finished 2 projects and am happy to have them done. One is a hat for next season and another is a cowl for a good friend. Let’s see how long it takes me to mail it to her. Last weekend I went out to dinner with the Mister. Then we went for a walk. This tree is spectacular isn’t it? A gorgeous red oak. Trees are such beautiful things. Can’t you just imagine swinging on it as the sun sets? Or climbing to its top to let the summer breeze flow through the branches? The tree of imagination. Happy June, friends!


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