Non-Toxic Sink Scrub

The other day I was cleaning my sink and noticed that the mason jar of cleaner was empty. I keep this old Parmesan cheese container full of the sink scrub under the sink to refill the “prettier” jar. Then I just thought I have come to hate that jar because I am always worried that it will slip out of my wet hands and break. (I have dropped it a couple times already) Why was I keeping this jar here knowing it was constantly worrying me? The reason is only because this plastic container looks garish. I realized I am being ridiculous being more concerned with looks rather than purpose. I live in a house with lots of kids and a fluffy cat we are going to have plenty of things that are not aesthetically pleasing to see. So here my cleaner sits in all its useful glory with the funny masking tape label in my hastily scribbled handwriting. Lived in working kitchens are a staple of all families. It should be messy. Those messy parts mean that people have been fed and comforted in that room one plate at a time. 

Here's how to make your own non-toxic sink scrub. This works well in bathtubs especially those where you are bathing little ones. I don't like using harsh products to clean tubs my babies will be using. 

Orange Cinnamon Sink Scrub 
2 cups baking soda 
6-8 drops orange essential oil 
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 

Mix together in a bowl using a whisk to incorporate all the oil. Pour into your favorite container.* 

To use: Sprinkle in your sink and scrub with a brush or sponge to clean. If you need more cleaning power add a squirt of dish soap into the sink on top of the scrub. 

Only recently have I been adding essential oil to the baking soda. I have always used plain baking soda to clean out my sinks. The scented oil is a nice addition and any scent would be good to use, choose your favorite and mix it up no need to add cinnamon. I use this after washing up the evening dishes. Or just to freshen up the sink. It smells really good!

*I find that reusing grated parmesan cheese containers work great for this cleaner. You can keep them under the sinks in bathrooms for quick weekly cleaning. I have one that is oversized from the bulk stores which is GIANT sized. I buy a 5lb bag of baking soda and make up a huge batch of this cleaner to fill that container. Since it is so HUGE it is great for under the sink as a refill bottle. 


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