NPS Hats: Great Sand Dunes

 I have completed the second on my to do list of National Parks hats for the visits planned in early August. The hat turned out as I expected. It was a fun knit with a good amount of color work and cable work. I was pleased that the yarn stash selections worked out quite well. The colors came together so nicely. I added a little more to the brim and added a few rounds in the "sand dunes" section of the hat, loosely following her cable pattern. This gave me a bit more length and a longer fitting hat for my sizable head. A far more comfortable fitting hat with the extra length. 

 Generally speaking adding  more length in the brim will be the method I use for her hat patterns. Anything with color work will tend to be smaller and I like a little more length to cover my ears than a typical beanie hat pattern yields. 

Next up is the Mesa Verde hat then we head out and take them to the parks!


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