I've been knitting baby hats for the new baby. I knit the same pattern three times in the same color. Crazy. I love the pattern and I love the yarn. Vintage in its design and based on the pattern it's a good hat for a baby with the right combination of warmth and stretch. The first cap turned out well but very feminine. Two more later and I still feel like the pattern is more a girl type hat than for a boy. None have come out quite the way I expected. I keep making them larger than a newborn needs. Despite what the patterns say these hats are far too big for a days old baby to wear. While I may not have a hat for the hospital I'll be set for the winter with an assortment of caps. They have been growing on me. I may try to knit more in other colors. At this point it is my favorite hat pattern one that will likely be used for baby gifts.


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