Ripple Baby Blanket part: 2

I found this long lost project in the bottom of my knitting basket. As this blanket has grown in size it's not as portable as it once was back when this project was the only thing I wanted to knit. I have really enjoyed knitting this blanket and I can't wait for it to be done. The visual aspect of this blanket makes it so interesting. The pattern is meant for it to be a baby sized blanket but I have seen other people on Ravelry who have kept going making it into a very large blanket. As much as the idea of making a HUGE spiral blanket excites me the reality of knitting such a large item is not as easy as it sounds. Right now this blanket is about halfway complete. Its current size is bulky enough to make it more tricky to maneuver. Nevertheless I am still very in love with the pattern. I realize it has become a long term project that might be pulled out of its basket every few months for a few rows to be added. 

If you want to know more about the first part of the project see my post : First-ish Blanket where I write about the pattern and the author who wrote the book Knitting from the Center Out. 


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